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“Something Hidden’: A Study of the Sacred Materiality of Sixth to Twelfth Century Byzantine Icons”

Published in The Drew Review, Drew University academic journal, 2020


Among the countless approaches taken to portray the almighty in Christian art, perhaps there has not existed one so prominent or contested as that of the icon. Through an in-depth discussion of the religious, political, and cultural value of the materials used to craft Byzantine icons between the sixth and twelfth centuries, I argue the significance of material in Eastern Christian worship, and how it further enhanced the icon’s function as an intermediary object.

“Fazer uma bagunça mudou minha arte” (How Making a Mess Changed My Art)

Published in IOYK Magazine, October 2020


An introspective examination of the physical, mental, and conceptual processes performed when I create my art. Focusing mainly on my collage series “Rubbish Still Life I,” as well as my use of collage as a medium, this brief article details what led me to glue and paper, and how being able to express myself in this vein as not only opened my imagination, but also allowed me to reconcile with my own psyche.